I was fortunate enough to grow up with some amazing grandparents and great-grandparents. They were always supportive, loving and very giving of themselves. I also have an amazing mother who never talked down to me. Although she was a bit of a “yeller”, she pushed my sisters and I to be our own independent individuals and always told us we could do and be more. My aunts and uncles were always there to show us how to be self-sufficient as well.

Having my own family was such a blessing. I had two amazing children that I love deeply. Unfortunately, my first born was tragically killed two months before his 21st birthday, which was the most heartbreaking time of my life and continues to be. My daughter is a hard-working, driven young lady with two beautiful babies and they are my heart’s desire.

My husband passed away in the summer of 2015 after a long illness. I left my job as a funeral home manager to be home with him and care for him until he took his last breath on this earth. I was so very blessed to have been able to be by his side up to the end.

I have decide that I no longer wish to be in the funeral service profession and therefore have changed my life trajectory. I love caring for my grandbabies while my daughter works and have just recently began a new venture in network marketing. Yet, I feel like I have a wealth of experience, education, love, compassion and wisdom that I have accrued from all of this and I want to share with the world.

So please join me in spreading this information, helpful hints, and dialogue in order to provide love and emotional support to all.