Many people have a hard time understanding when someone tells them the person they’ve loved and lost is “always in their heart”.

When it feels like your heart is broken beyond repair, a person has a hard time believing their loved one is in there making their heart feel like an erupting volcano that’s just blown its top.

I’ve done hours of medical and spiritual research only to find there are no definitive studies showing where our energy goes when we die. Each study had some interesting theories, but nothing which could be inscribed in stone.

So, what does all this have to do with believing our loved ones live in our hearts after they go?

The first law of thermodynamics is that “Energy cannot be created or destroyed” and I believe that the spiritual energy we emit with the people we love is transferred between us in a way that stays with us forever. Additionally, there’s the DNA factor. When a parent, sibling or child dies the fact that they share DNA is irrefutable.

I read a funny article on Facebook the other day saying that people with RH negative blood types may be aliens. I really got a kick out of it since most of my family is RH negative. I sent the article to my mother and told her we weren’t aliens, we were angels, to which she heartily agreed.Interestingly enough, my children’s father has positive blood, while my children and I have negative blood.

All this is to say how we are connected, not just by the energy of physics, but in relative cases, by blood and matter.

One of the reasons the heart is associated with love is the shape it takes when it’s put together with another heart. A heart by itself is a clump without shape, but two hearts together form what we know as a shape of love.

So yes! Our loved ones will always live in our hearts, not just by the transfer of energy and DNA, but by remembering the love and laughter they brought to our lives.