Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

There are many views, both good and bad that depict Christmas. There is a very long history of the origins of “Christmas” and none of them are favorable to the meaning current day Christians host in their hearts. Most people in the last century, not just Christians, consider Christmas to be the celebration of the birth of Christ. Christ is considered to be the savior, God in the flesh, who came to wash away the sins of those who believed in Him.

Considering the life of Christ is depicted in one of the oldest history books in print beginning with Gutenberg’s printing press, there is always speculation as to the thoughts, perceptions, authenticity and following of the bible.

There are numerous religions associated with Christianity. As such, there are numerous interpretations and beliefs associated with the following of religion itself. Whereas Christmas is concerned as the depiction of the celebration of the birth of Christ, I see no reason at all for anyone to believe other than what they wish. Even in some religions of Christianity, the congregation does not follow or participate in “Christmas”.

For those who claim to live their lives according to the teachings, rules, rites of religion or laws of the bible, please be aware that even in the bible, it is taught to love others as you would love yourself and not to force others to believe as you believe. According to the bible, God gave man free will, which means that if He forced others to love him, it isn’t love at all. You must choose to love Him, choose to believe in Him and choose to follow Him.

Although the Jewish faith does not consider Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Christ and does not rejoice in the festivities, I remember speaking once with a Jewish gentleman in regard to their holiday of Hanukkah. I was intrigued of his story, but was nearly shocked when he said that his family also celebrated Christmas. He explained that also they did not believe in Christmas or celebrate it in their faith, he did not want to deprive his children of the magic, love, giving and fun of the season.

It was at this time, that I took a different look at Christmas and what it has become for many people, both religious and not religious. Christmas has become a holiday of sharing love, giving, lights, fancy to-do’s and rejoicing in the treasures of the season. Even those who strongly and reverently consider Christmas as a celebration of the birth of Christ more often than not still put up a Christmas tree, tell their children to be good for Santa Claus to bring them presents, and decorate their homes and yards in lights and characters of the winter season. None of the merriment takes away from your belief.

So, the next time someone comes up to you and says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”, there is no need to be offended. There are many holidays in the winter season and most people are merely including all of them, just as I do.

I follow the teachings of Christ because I choose to. I do not hate or fear those who do not. Are there bad people in religions? Yes! But, there are bad people everywhere and it doesn’t necessarily matter what religion they follow or not follow. Just remember, those who do good and help others, will reap what they sow and vice-versa; and that little “law” is prevalent in almost every religion!

I pray that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a magical holiday season. Remember to share the love with others!