The Forest Through The Trees

The Forest Through The Trees

Have you ever been in a negative situation that seems to be escalating, no matter what you do to try to calm it down?

I remember a time when I was completely overwhelmed in a very bad situation and it seemed that everything I did to try to rectify it was actually exacerbating it. I struggled for years only to have everything I loved ripped from my life.

I was finally offered a position with my company to move across the country for a few months and jumped at the chance. Before my little leave of absence from my world, I was not able to see the “forest through the trees”, so to speak. Once I removed myself, I was gifted to view the entire state of affairs from an outside perspective, which changed my trajectory to handling the situation.

When I returned to my world, I had better focus, better understanding and a better attitude. I was able to take the backward steps I needed to take in order to move forward on a more positive and progressive level. It took some time, but I finally had the ability to use my strengths to stop the downhill slide into the mud. From there, I was able to move forward in my world and on a happier note.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to up and move 3,000 miles away to handle your business. What I am saying is when faced with a downhill, spiraling situation you need to step outside of the trees so you can view the forest from a different perspective. Analyze the issues objectively in order to form a strategic and supportive map to improving your state of affairs.

For example: If you’re faced with legal issues, look at the situation through the eyes of a judge, lawyer or even a jury. What would they think of the actions you are or are not taking? If you’re faced with medical issues, look at your situation through the eyes of medical personnel, spiritual healers or even a friend or family member. What would they say to help improve your life?

Whatever your situation, take a breath and step outside of it. View your situation in an objective manner, an outsider’s perspective and ask yourself, “What would I do if I were in a professional’s shoes or if I were asked to manage this situation for a friend or stranger?”

Remember, you cannot see the entire forest through the trees. You need to step outside the forest in order to view it in all its majesty. That is why there are “vistas” or “pullovers” on mountain roads, so you can stop and appreciate the entirety of the view.

This little exercise is not always easy at first, but you’ll find that you have much more control of your personal and professional business if you can master a more objective opinion about your life and where you want it to go.

One last note: Consider the people around you. Are they empowering, inspiring and positive? Because if they’re not, you might want to consider altering your circle of friends/acquaintances. It’s impossible to remove yourself from tumultuous situations if you keep bringing the turmoil back into your life with the company you keep.

Until next time; keep your head up and your heart open; take a deep breath, spread your wings and fly!